TODAY SHOW: US Military Making Plans for Alien Invasion

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What would we do if earth was invaded by aliens?

US Military Making Plans for Alien Invasion? – YouTube.


Scientists lock a disk in air with quantum levitation


Science has brought us one step closer to hoverboards and floating islands. In this video, scientists demonstrate quantum levitation, which can lock an object in mid air where you can move it and adjust it as if its sitting on clay.

If you want to see something strange, you’ve come to the right place. Using a technology called “quantum trapping,” scientists can now make an object levitated in the air above a magnet. More interesting, it’s locked to the magnet so well that its position in the air can be moved and it will stay in place, almost as if it’s sitting on a table or an invisible stand of clay or something.

Discovery explains the technique, which basically involved cooling a ceramic disk until it hits -301 degrees Fahrenheit (-185 Celsius) at which point it turns into a superconductor, meaning it conducts electricity without resistance and with no energy loss. When you put a superconductor near a magnet, it expels the magnetic field out of it (usually a magnetic field travels through something). This is called the Meissner effect. However, since this disk is super thin, small, concentrated beams of magnetic field energy does penetrate the disk and kind of holds it in place. You can turn it upside down, move the object, etc. It just stays in mid air exactly how you place it. (Read more about the science here.)

The first video below demonstrates the concept and the second video shows how it works along with some really cool demonstrations like a disc flying around a track. I think we’ve finally figured out how those pesky UFOs stay up in the air.

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Southwest Sees Mysterious Streak of Light Flash Across Sky

Updated: Wednesday, 14 Sep 2011, 9:52 PM MST

Published : Wednesday, 14 Sep 2011, 8:53 PM MST

Southwest Sees Mysterious Streak of Light Flash Across Sky:

PHOENIX – The FOX 10 newsroom has been flooded with calls from people reporting a strange streak in the sky — and it wasn’t just seen here.

Our sister station in Los Angeles has been getting calls about the same streak. People have reported seeing it in Tucson, San Diego and Las Vegas.

We even heard police officers from valley agencies discussing it on the scanners.

We are making calls trying to figure out what this could have been, but right now — we don’t know.

Is it a meteor? A NASA satellite, or some sort of space junk?

In the past — some of these streaks have been rockets being fired out Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

The National Weather Service says they haven’t heard anything.

We are checking into the possibilities.

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