South Carolina Fireball 13 February 2012

Uploaded by PathocracyNow on Mar 10, 2012

There have been an incredible number of fireballs lately, of which this is just one…

9 March, Fireball Spotted Over North Georgia

4 March: Meteor Shower Dazzles Victorians Lucky Enough to See It

4 March: Thousands Witness Spectacular Fireball Streak Over UK

2 March: Fireball seen from southern Norway and Sweden

2 March: reen Fireball Seen All Over Southeastern Canada

1 March: Green Object Reported in the Sky Over Newfoundland

29 February: What Was The Bright Flash In The Sky Tuesday Night?

22 February: “Huge fireball” streaks through Edmonton sky

22 February: Meteor Rain in China

14 February: Exploding UFO Wakes Thousands in South Carolina

12 February: Exploding Fireball recorded over Okayama, Japan

5 February: Fireball with huge tail seen over Western Australia

5 February: Fireball Photographed Over Corfu, Greece

4 February: East coast of US lights up as another enormous fireball streaks through sky

2 February: Huge Fireball Over Tokyo, 2 February 2012

1 February: Wednesday night’s Texas meteor so bright it was seen in Kansas

1 February: Halifax ‘fireball’ probably a meteor

via South Carolina Fireball 13 February 2012.wmv – YouTube.

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