Earth Shifted 30 Degrees South in a few days, Poleshift Oct 24 2011 Halifax NS Canada

Uploaded by sumstuff46 on Oct 24, 2011

(Update: Nov 3 2011, The sun is rising further to the south and accelerating daily, when or if the sun starts rising in the south i’m heading for the hills)

About 3 weeks ago i was watching the sun come up East SE, within a few days it was coming up hard SE approximately 30 degrees south of east, i know it can shift 24 degrees S and N in 6 months but to shift 30 degrees almost overnight to the south, cmon man this is unheard of, i went to canadas the weather network and talked about it, all i got was did you use a compass, then the explanation of the equinox, etc, they had an answer for everything, reading from data on their screens, but they had no explanation for what has just happened and what is happening, in other word they were playing dumb or just are dumb, playing dumb pays well 😦

Anyway, i’ve been getting up with the sun everyday the last few years and seeing the sun rising lately so far off in the south just blew my mind, everyone should document the sunrise, don’t need a compass just your eyeballs and common sense, seems the common sense is hard to find nowadays, damn pharma zombies

BLOGGER COMMENT: I have observed this recently too. As of November 27, 2011 in upstate New York the sun should be rising East South East (ESE) but definitely appears (with my “eyeballs and common sense” as our Canadian friend says) very near to “hard” South East (SE).

Anyone may check the direction his/her sunrise should be on a handy table at the Astronomy Answers’ AstronomyAnswerBook: The Position of the Sun: Tables page. Scroll down a little or use Ctrl+F (Find) the phrase “Table 6” (without quotation marks) called “Compass Direction of Sunrise for Days and Latitudes” and with this handy tool at a site called “Get Lat Lon” you can find your latitude and use the table to see what direction sunrise should occur in your location.

via Earth Shifted 30 Degrees South in a few days, WHAT !! Poleshift Oct 24 2011 Halifax NS Can – YouTube.


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