The Plan Is Coming Together and… The Plan Is: Coming Together

I regret to inform you that, after 8 months of virtually no employment (and definitely not for lack of trying!), we held out as long as we could but are no longer able to pay our severely overdue bills and received a 3 Day Notice To Quit Or Pay (eviction). We simply can not pay. Electricity is supposed to be shut off by midnight tonight. So it may be a while before I can update my blogs and Facebook feed.

My old cat is quite a trooper but he definitely suffers a bit when he’s all cooped up in his “car cage” and he’s a bit skittish around strange people and places. He’s diabetic and on a strict *fresh food* (chilled meat) if we can still manage on the road. Over the months his body has successfully recovered from the “veterinary recommended” diet that made him so ill. He is no longer obese and no longer insulin-dependent.

But I digress…officially homeless in 90 degree heat, a run down car, and about $100 to my name, with a miraculous plan and some higher guidance, I aim to travel across the country, visit a few sacred places, and if possible attend the New York City #OCCUPYWALLSTREET protest in “Anonymous costume”! The next few months should be a wild ride and I expect to see huge changes in the Earth (earthquakes, super-volcanoes, floods, strong winds and tidal waves, even more polar shifting) but I’d like to survive the challenges and help build a better world for All.

I’m asking you, dear reader, friend, family, stranger, that should you support this endeavor and have enough to share, please consider a ChipIn. The information I post on my blogs and other pages is always free and I do it gladly in service. I would therefore never ask in such a way as, “If you find the information on this site valuable, please consider donating…” This is about a journey.



5 thoughts on “The Plan Is Coming Together and… The Plan Is: Coming Together

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