UFO’s showing Up All Over America

Cmdr Demby

Tue, Aug 16, 2011

Subject: UFOs hitting mainstream news like crazy



Thanks to Mark G. for sending this amazing gathering of multiple UFO sightings from all over the planet… they mention that the sightings are becoming “more frequent” … Even Obama was recently mentioning something like – ”just imagine if we were to be visited by beings from another planet, then we might all stop all this bickering and fighting amongst each other…”

One commenter states:  “the outcome that I believe that they intend is for us to become a galactic society and a peaceful society”…. and –  “There were 17 sightings in KANSAS CITY this past weekend.

That tells you something.”

via Aliens Exist – UFO’s showing Up All Over America | Morning Liberty Radio Program.


2 thoughts on “UFO’s showing Up All Over America

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