Near Earth Object (NEO) Asteroid 2010 AR85 – Earth Impact Risk Summary

May 4, 2011

The massive object called AR85 2010 or better known as just AR85 is over 1.1 km in size and was observed only over a course of 1.7 days (about 40 hours total) Meaning that we have very little information regarding this massive near earth object.

We do know from observations that the Asteroid AR85 has roughly double the chance of hitting earth than you winning Powerball.

That being stated someone hits Powerball nearly every week

However another way to say it is that it’s roughly the chance of 1 out of 300 million to hit us. That figure changes as there appears to be 36 Potential Impacts starting in early 2015, when factored all together the chances do go up, but not dramatically as it’s still in the 1 in a millions level.

NASA has more information regarding it.

Should the object strike earth it would be the largest explosion humanity has ever seen. Massive earthquakes up to Richter Magnitude 13, and numerous large magnitude aftershocks would result from the impact of a large object with the Earth. If the object hits water, a tsunami from such an impact is estimated to produce waves from 1 to 3 km high.

We’re not trying to scare anyone, we’re just stating that this is one of the most massive objects currently on NASA’s threat level website, and this one hasn’t received any media attention. Yes the odds are low, but so is winning the lottery.

Written by TheFounder

via AR85 – Earth Impact Risk Summary.


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