An article in the magazine Paranoia: The Conspiracy Reader predicted the massive tsunami in the Indian Ocean, which took place on Sunday, December 26, 2004.

The Winter 2005 issue (Volume 11, Number 2, Issue 37) went on newstands here in the USA on Friday, December 31, 2004. Contained within the issue is an article entitled “The Beginning of the End: Vulcan & Earth Catastrophism,” which postulates that a dark companion star to our sun may cause catastrophes in the not-too-distant future.

Page 31 of the magazine states, “A second source of impending comet strike data has been found in a new and unusual interpretation of the Hebrew Pentateuch called the ‘Bible Code.’ Here, all the Hebrew letters in a book of the Bible are strung without word or page breaks and rastered in 64 columns. A computer is used to search for words in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal format. Skip sequence words are searched (every other row or column is skipped) and viable words are found.”

“Even the name given to the Sun’s dark star companion (Vulcan) is specifically mentioned in the Bible Code.”

Here is the second paragraph of Bible Code prophecies as it appeared on page 31 of Paranoia magazine.

“Tsunami – Vulcan – planet/star – India – Indian (Ocean?–J.T.) – Athens – Greece – tsunami -stony – flaming – gigantic – flame – obliterate – flabbergasted – leviathan – oblivion – overwhelming impact.”

“I picked up this issue of Paranoia on Tuesday morning, January 11, 2005,” UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor reported, “As soon as I read that passage, I knew I had a story. I talked to the staff at Barnes & Noble at Miller Hill Mall here in Duluth, and they told me they had received the issue the previous Friday.”

“I wanted to know precisely when that issue of Paranoia had gone to press, so I contacted the magazine’s editor, Joan d’Arc, via email and asked for more information. Joan told me that this particular issue had gone to press November 9, 2004. She said the staff at Banta, their printer in Greenfield, Ohio, wanted to get the issue printed before Thanksgiving so that their employees could have a long weekend off. Copies of this issue were shipped out of Ohio on Monday, November 29, 2004, four weeks before the tsunami. So there is no way that passage could have been added to the magazine after the big Banda Aceh earthquake, 9.0 on the Richter scale, and the resultant tsunami.”

“It appears that the Bible Code passage, printed in Paranoia, accurately predicted the Indian Ocean tsunami,” Trainor added, “There is no other explanation for this event.”

“If the Bible Code passage is accurate throughout, then it looks like the next big tsunami will take place in the Mediterranean Sea. Greece will be hard hit by the giant waves, particularly Athens, the capital city.” (See Paranoia magazine, Winter 2005 issue, page 31. Many thanks to Joan d’Arc for the email interview.)

UFO ROUNDUP Volume 10 Number 3.


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