Potentially Hazardous Asteroids: Update On Asteroid 1999 AN10

Update On Asteroid 1999 AN10

JPL Near-Earth Object Program Office
July 13, 1999

Prediscovery image of asteroid 1999 AN10 taken [in 1955]
from the Palomar Digital Sky Survey. The faint streak is the trail
left by the asteroid. The image has been contrast-enhanced.

As announced in MPEC 1999-N21, a trail of asteroid 1999 AN10 was discovered on plates taken in 1955 from the Palomar Sky Survey. The nominal and minimum-possible close-approach distance for the 2027 Earth encounter are now 0.00260 AU and 0.00258 AU respectively (about 389,000 km). Preliminary analyses indicate that the 2044 and 2046 impacting key-holes are well outside the current 2027 impact-plane error ellipse. This implies that those previously highly unlikely impacts are now virtually impossible. The next Earth close-approach is in 2076 and will likely be between 0.046 and 0.009 AU (6,900,000 and 1,300,000 km).

via Potentially Hazardous Asteroids.


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